List of our publications in English

Most of our publications are in German, because we mainly publish in German media. Whenever we present our research results and insights outside Germany, we create English material. We collect them here for you.

Here we also list short summaries of German publications that may make you curious to look at the German version. The publications are listed chronologically backwards.

In 2020 we were asked by one of our publishing houses to contribute a tool for companies to quickly overcome the negative consequences of Corona. This inspired us to develop a two-step tool to define and solve problems in organizations.

Josef G. Boeck (2021) Managers as Digital Transformation Managers – an idea incubator to solve your own problems and become a business problem for competitors. In: Das Zukunfts-Canvas. Vom Krisenmodus zum Wachstumsprogramm. Stuttgart: Schäffer-Poeschel.