Becoming a Co-Thinker

Are you interested to contribute to our project? We are happy if you are interested in one or more of the following opportunities:

Use Human Side of Business as platform for your publications

If the topics fit our profile and pass the quality control of our expert reviewers, we would love to serve as a publication platform. You enrich our content and have a peer reviewed publication.

Takeover of research projects as a research fellow

We are looking for senior level researchers, who will advance our topics as research fellows and take project responsibility on our behalf.

Integration in our consulting projects

For you, working and publishing on our platform means proving your expertise on a topic. Through Human Side of Business, you will be perceived as an expert in our customer base and, if you are suitable and inclined, you can join us in our customer projects with consulting services on your topics.

Tutoring of Bachelor- and Master Theses

We offer students who are interested in our topics the opportunity to write their bachelor’s and master’s theses with us. We cooperate with various colleges and universities.