Our professional services

We want our fellow entrepreneurs to benefit from our ideas, our analyses and our experience. There are several ways to achieve this:

Consulting, Coaching, Sparring, Intervention

We offer our expertise in all classic forms of consulting at the entrepreneurial and top management level. We call our approach “mindset-based consulting”, because we base our work with our clients on their specific entrepreneurial mindset. We do not bring standard solutions and methods, but look for solutions that take into account the individuality of the customer organization.

Participation in supervisory and advisory boards, input to boards of directors

We take responsiblity at the very top of organizations. Our experts take on positions in legally prescribed or voluntarily established advisory bodies or serve as advisors to such corporate bodies. We do contribute in many boards complying with their rules of corporate governance and with our business ethics.

Mediation and external moderation of difficult internal projects

For many years, we have been asked by entrepreneurs to take a look at their difficult internal projects or projects on the brink of failure and to help minimize the damage for everyone involved. This can be succession planning, reorganization or digital projects. With our management-, IT-, project- and legal experience, we can often suggest pragmatic ways for the partners to reorganize, continue to work on their goals or part ways in a process that saves resources.

Workshops and trainings

Our research managers hold individual workshops and, if necessary, training sessions on the topics they represent, in order to translate the theoretical knowledge as thought-provoking impulses for the management of your company.

A proven format is, for example, the “decision-maker workshop”. In this workshop, the  stakeholders for an upcoming decision in the corporate environment are identified  (new business models, introduction of new digital tools, new strategic orientation), the topic’s environment is defined and the basic premises for the decision are discussed. The material is prepared and treated in such a way that the decision-makers of a company can judge whether and how they should proceed.

The goal of all our work is to enable entrepreneurs and managers to make decisions in their area of responsibility that are meaningful and efficient in terms of their own goals. Sometimes this requires coaching, often sparring and again and again classical training and workshops to impart necessary knowledge and to put it into practice immediately afterwards.

Project support

If the decision for a certain action or project has been made, we accompany the project during the implementation. We try to rescue internal projects that have gotten into trouble or support decisions to break off or restart them.

Lectures and presentations

Our topic managers are happy to present our results through lectures, presentations at appropriate events in public spaces or within closed formats in organizations. If you plan anything like that, we are available for discussions and explanations.

Taking over scientific analyses and research tasks

We support entrepreneurs in the preparation of decisions by processing the scientific discussion on the challenges that have to be met. We provide evidence of whether the findings and observations of decision-makers are backed up by academic studies. Our work safeguards important entrepreneurial decisions.

When entrepreneurs represent their companies in public and want to scientifically substantiate their statements in advance or get an idea what the academic discourse is on their topic, we take over the research and organization of the material so that the findings can be directly incorporated into the presentations. Our work complements the expert knowledge of our clients and enhances their reputation as prudent professionals.

Access to our publications and impulses

On these web pages we present an overview of our topics and results. The complete documents can be obtained individually for a fee or as part of a subscription to a portal access. The contributions published on our website are free of charge, unless there is an explicit reference to fees.