Flexible Format

Idea incubators

The shortest and most flexible form of profiting from our research and experience are our “idea incubators”. We want to use idea incubators to get people to make decisions and take action by helping them to define their problems precisely, to give structure to a problem search, to characterize situations or to organize complex thoughts. Idea incubators can be short explanatory videos, worksheets, rules of thumb, graphics, feedbacks and ideas that flow either into our consulting sessions or into our trainings, workshops, sparrings and coachings.

Predefined Format

Training for Digital Transformation Managers

In recent years, many companies have come up with the idea of appointing a Digital Transformation Manager to drive forward their own digital transformation. After the publication of the book Digitalisierung und Führung (2019), we received numerous inquiries from small and medium-sized companies asking whether we could and would help train future digital transformation experts. In response to these requests, we have developed a Digital Transformation Manager training which consists of 48 units to be booked individually or within a set curriculum of six days.

Predefined Format

Training for Trusted Advisor in Sales and Consulting

Marketing and sales continue to change as a result of advancing digitalization of business processes and business models. This affects the digitalizers themselves. Many IT service and solution providers have to and want to adapt their sales strategy. On the one hand, they are opting for the automation of many sales activities, on the other hand they want to strengthen the relationship through personal sales. From our research around the topic of Trusted Advisor, we have developed a training offer for Trusted Advisor in Sales and Consulting.

Flexible Format


Our workshops are moderated formats in which groups work on answering questions, solving problems, consolidating impressions and opinions or searching for and activating resources.

We organize the workshops or just act as moderators and let organize them.

Due to Corona and our very dynamic rules for personal meetings we decided to do worshops and trainings only as inhouse and closed formats.

Please contact us to discuss other formats that may help you before Corona is an ex-pandemic.

The Product Managers of our professional and managed service formats

Dr. Josef G. Boeck

Decades of experience in the digitalization of processes and products, entrepreneur, author, university lecturer, founder of a software and consulting company for business information systems specialising in IT and high-tech companies, investor.

Ralf Faschinger

Managing Director of c3 organisationsberatung. Core competencies in sales and management consulting, coach. His focus is on changes in people AND organisations and their support with special emphasis on result-oriented implementation.